What to Get Your Teenager for Christmas

It’s always a contest to find Christmas gifts for teenagers.  As they get older, the amount of stuff up for grabs increases, and unfortunately so does your teenager’s insatiable desire to have the newest, the biggest, and the best.  If you’re drawing a blank, perhaps these ideas will give you some clarity.

Hot Gadgets

If you’re looking to get your child something that he’ll be bragging about the whole year around, perhaps you could spring for the new iPod Touch, the fourth generation of iPod technology. In 2009 Sprint released their answer to the Apple iPhone –the Palm Pré.  It comes equipped with touch screen, WiFi capabilities, and has the privilege of being the only cell phone with Texas Instruments technology.  Not a bad haul for Christmas.

Hot Music

Just in time for Christmas, some of music’s most popular artists have released new albums.  Neo-soul maven, Maxwell has released is highly anticipated follow-up to 2001’s Now entitled “BLACK summers’ night”.  Also releasing new music in time for Christmas is Whitney Houston.  After her highly publicized return to music she has delivered a #1 album entitled “I Look To You”.  More releases to add to your list are Mos Def, U2, Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood, and Bruce Springsteen.

Hot DVDs

For the teenager who loves the big screen, Transformers 2:  Revenge of the Fallen is sure to please.  If your teens don’t go for robots, perhaps X-Men Origins will quench their thirst for action-packed mayhem –complete with a ripped Hugh Jackman.  Also look out for Julie & Julia, District 9, and Astro Boy.


Parents, keep your wits about you.  Just because it is popular does not necessarily mean your teen needs it.  If you keep your budget basic, you should be able to find something that will please even the most popularity-hungry teen.  Clothes make great Christmas gifts –especially for that child heading off to college.  Another Christmas staple is gift cards.  If you’re stumped looking for something to give your child, how about let him/her choose for him/herself?  Giving your teen free-range saves you time and the disappointment (on both ends) of not getting exactly what was on the Christmas list.

Let’s not forget, Christmas is about family togetherness.  Give your teen something to remember because it’s from Mom and Dad.  Nothing says love more than a gift from the heart.

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  1. Santa Costumes Says:

    I like what you said about “parents keeping their wits”. My 14-year daughter is already asking for an I-pod Touch for Christmas, even though she received an I-pod for her birthday 5 months ago. Sure hopes she likes the jeans I’ve got in mind for her :)

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