Christmas by Sea

Not looking forward to another year of shovelling snow and dealing with blistering cold weather? Perhaps a Christmas cruise is just the solution to get the family together and keep everybody warm. When planning a trip at sea, it’s always important to know what to expect.

Christmas Cruise Planning

Consider ship size. After all, the family will be spending at least a week at sea. Be sure that the time spent is as comfortable as possible. Big ships, while providing loads of space, are more expensive and usually packed with dozens of families with the same dreams of Christmas getaway grandeur. Too small and the family will probably deal with a very mature clientele. This could cause a bit of unease if the kids are the type to want to frolic on deck. Unless the family wants loads of hustle and bustle, the best bet is a mid-sized liner –plenty of room, a manageable price, and people of all ages so the kids can play freely.

In terms of timing, there are going to be hoards of families who want to experience Christmas out on the big blue. Be sure to book well in advance –a reasonable amount of time is nine months to a year. Also be prepared to be out of town for at least a week. Though seemingly obvious, as it pertains to the holidays, it’s important to know what to pack. Make room for any gifts, special touches like champagne, and for anything purchased while at sea.

Types of Christmas Cruises

There are a plethora of cruises from which to choose. Disney offers a holiday cruise that’s suitable for kids and adults alike. Warm weather destination cruises are also in high demand. Several islands, particularly in the Caribbean, offer holiday celebrations full of colour and tradition, sure to enrapture all visitors in attendance.

Decorative Decks

Most cruises that set sail around the holidays are fully prepared for the Christmas rush. Decking their halls with all manner of holiday glitz and glamour, the family is sure to get its fill of tinsel, lavish Christmas trees, and lights. On deck restaurants are chock full of holiday favourites, so no need to fret over Christmas dinner.

Booking a holiday cruise is the perfect idea to get away from the chill and slush of the holidays. With the family aboard, it’s sure to be a Christmas to remember.

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