Christmas Decorations in San Francisco

Golden Gate by nightSan Francisco is the jewel of the west coast of the US and is the site of a fantasyland during the Christmas holiday season. There are decorations, light shows and celebrations during those weeks that bring in the holiday cheer for locals and visitors alike.

The weather is mild and there are concerts and both indoor and outdoor events to bring in the holiday spirit.

Stage productions with holiday themes are common throughout the season as are holiday concerts and carolers. The streets are decorated and the shopping malls bring out their finest in Christmas decorations to delight children and adults alike. The decorations make it fun to shop!

Another fun place is called Union Square. The stores are decked out in Christmas finest decorations and the shopping is superb. Visit the City Church and the Cornerstone Church along with the Glide Memorial Church–all tastefully decorated with Christmas decorations. Visit the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church with its decorated altar and outside decorations.

Several places have decorated Christmas trees, all lighted for the Christmas festivities. The most notable place is the Cannery’s Very Beary Christmas Tree as well as the tree lighting near Ghirardelli Square and the spectacular Holiday Carousel Lighting Celebration. Some of the parks have decorated Christmas trees to walk along and enjoy with carols hanging in the air.

Christmas is alive and well at the many restaurants and eateries in San Francisco. The pubs are illuminated with Christmas lights and Christmas music is played to bring in the holiday cheer. The food is spectacular and the ambiance can’t be beat.

San Francisco lights up its churches, streets, parks and stores beginning in November and ending during the first part of January. Enjoy the festivities in one of the most beautiful cities in the US.

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  1. catherine Says:

    we from singapore visiting sfo in november for the second time.but this time my little girl is coming along. pls kindly let me know when is the christmas decoration and lighting on…


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