How To Buy a Telescope

Telescope for kidsTo Buy a Telescope need not be the most complicated affair that you have conducted in a long time and not necessarily the most expensive.

If you have been an amateur stargazer (naked eye or using a pair of binoculars) and want to graduate to the next level, you will require a telescope. The problem is that most amateurs neither know much about telescopes nor what makes one telescope a state of the art affair and another nothing to write home about. Before taking this momentous decision that is bound to further influence your interest in astronomy you must take your time and do a simple research before deciding. Here are some tips on how to go ahead and buy a telescope.

A few suggestions

  • The first thing you need to do is to sit down and ask yourself certain questions, like why you want to buy a telescope, how much do you plan to spend, what are you thinking of doing with your new purchase and also how serious are you about your hobby.
  • You could conduct some basic research by reading astronomy magazines like Sky and Telescope to gain a little insight and another opinion on the type of telescope you should buy. There are literally thousands of sites on the net which would be a tremendous help in giving you expert advice.
  • Mark out and measure the area where you want to install the machine.. The measurements will be required when you finally decide to buy the equipment.
  • Do not go in for a very heavy machine if you do not have space to mount it but plan to transport the telescope to the site every night.
  • The aperture of the telescope is its most important aspect. Be sure to get at least a 4 inch wide aperture if you are planning on doing some deep space viewing. If you are only planning to view the planets in the solar system you need not be so specific.


  • Do get a variety of eyepieces and also make sure you have at least one 1/25 inch diameter eyepiece.
  • Check the machine for good balance by tapping at it gently


  • Don’t buy a machine if it does not come with a decent warranty. Scout around to find out the average warranty that other stores are offering.
  • Don’t buy the machine from a general departmental or a toy store. Go to a specific retailer who deals only in such machines.

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