How to Celebrate an American Style Christmas

Christmas in AmericaChristmas in America varies according to regions because of different ethnic backgrounds of the people who originally settled and brought their own customs and traditions.

The American carols have come from England and Australia, trees from Germany and Santa Claus in his red suit from Scandinavia via Netherlands. But then again, there is enough similarity between the different regions of this country to safely conclude that America has a specific Christmas tradition. Of all the traditions the most important is the tradition for families to come together, for friends to meet up and loved ones to cherish each other’s company. Here’s to celebrating Christmas the American way.

A few suggestions

  1. Start preparing for the big day right after Thanksgiving itself if you are making hand made crafts, gifts, cards or gingerbread house.
  2. Celebrate Advent on December 1st by lighting candles and going to church for special prayers to spiritually prepare yourself for the birth of Christ.
  3. Get into the routine of baking, cleaning, and decorating for the holidays.
  4. Get a Christmas tree and set it up by the first week of Christmas. Bring out old decorations, check if they are fine, replace old broken pieces and prepare to light up your house and yard.
  5. Start to stock up the larder with goodies to be eaten during the twelve days of Christmas. Buy small inexpensive gifts for each member of the family for each of the twelve days. These may include small match box cars for boys, little hair ornaments for girls little gifts for the parents.
  6. Send and receive Christmas cards all through the month of December. String them and hang them up all around the house or put them up on the mantelpiece.
  7. Attend Midnight mass with your friends and family and partake of a Christmas dinner afterwards which may consist of anything depending on the region to which you belong.
  8. Let the children hang stockings at the end of their beds for Santa to come and leave gifts. Open presents in the morning of Christmas day.


  • Leave milk and cookies for Santa on the dining table.


  • Don’t be too concerned about following rituals, just let your hair down and enjoy.

One Comment about “How to Celebrate an American Style Christmas”

  1. sue Says:

    we have an american friend visiting at christmas, and we would love to make her feel at home any hints or tips for a few american traditions?

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