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In this vast universe,
 There is a place called Santa land,
  Where elves and fairies make
   Your dreams and wishes come true.

On Christmas Eve,
 Santa finds his way
  Through clouds and stars,
   Towards our sweet homes.

No mountain is too high,
 No sea is too deep,
  For Santa Claus can fly
   With reindeers in the sky.

Countless houses to visit,
 This night he won't sleep
  To offer the children of the world
   Myriads of presents and gifts.

Neither cold nor heat,
 Will frighten him,
  In the most remote places,
   Children will wait for him.

This could be a dream
 For the common man,
  What about Santa ?
   He's a magician.

Jingle bells in the night,
 Hang your stockings on the chimney,
  Eat your pudding all together,
   And close your eyes you little ones.

Don't be impatient,
 Parents and children
  Won't be forgotten
   In this holy night.

In winter, Santa Claus brings
 Little ones and grown ups,
  The poor and the rich
   Hope, love, light and peace.

From the invisible world he comes,
 Bringing happiness forever
  Through the sky his glory shines,
   And his rays warm our hearts.

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