Christmas for the Kids

Because of the tumult of attractions for kids on the market, it may seem strenuous Christmas shopping for the little ones. However, with a bit of planning and resourcefulness, Christmas can be as enjoyable for the kids as it is economical for the parent.


Before considering toys, consider something that will get months, perhaps years, of use. There are hundreds of characters that kids look up to, especially this year with everyone either wanting to be a pop star or a superhero.


This popular franchise continues to impress the boys. A graphic tee with Optimus Prime or pyjamas with the entire Autbot fleet are sure to get Jr. excited for the New Year.

Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus has cashed in on her alter-ego popularity with a clothing line of her own styled by Michael Azria. With her designs in stores, girls are sure to go gaga over their favourite pop-tart’s fashions. Her moniker also graces PJs, skirts, and graphic tees alike, making shopping for fashion rather simple.


Twilight has become a pandemic phenomenon. Clothes featuring your kids’ favourite character –whether they go for the hero or the dreadlocked villain– are a sure bet.


All the clothes mentioned wouldn’t be worth the money if it weren’t for the immense popularity of their films. Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen had a huge opening weekend and hordes of fan boys and girls alike wanted a piece of their favourite hero. Twilight has the year’s biggest following, with young girls fawning over Robert Pattinson. Other movies with huge followings and even huger merchandise promotions include X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Monsters vs. Aliens. One can never go wrong with testosterone-driven action or Pixar animation.

Video Games

2009 was another big year for gamers. Movie-inspired games are a huge market with Wolverine and Transformers being huge draws. Even more impressive is the price cut that many of the gaming platforms took this year. Be on the lookout for games that provide big thrills –Resident Evil 5– or online multiplayer capabilities –Xbox 360’s highly anticipated Halo 3.

Kids are always in the mood for what’s hot. The safest bet is to choose a movie and make it a themed Christmas. If the child is easily impressed with marketing ploys, anything featuring his or her favourite character will be in high demand, thus easier to shop for.

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  1. Wildcat Says:

    Nice Twilight pun! I think you’re right on by suggesting to give Twilight stuff. It’ll never be more hip than right now. I’d also suggest that kids love pretty much anything with wheels. Whether it’s a skateboard, rollerskates, razor scooter or plastic big-wheel racer, most kids will love it. Just don’t forget the helmet!

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