Christmas light

Christmas can actually be considered as the brightest time of the year. Everywhere you look you see different kinds of light. From candles to the latest type of lights that dances with its music. Christmas can lighten up everyone’s mood with its overall brightness it’s hard to feel blue when there are dancing angels, blinking lights and peaceful candles. During this time of the year, most people can’t help but forget the sadness in their hearts.

The candle that started it all

In the olden times, candles were the main source of light even in decorations. People used them as offerings, gifts, and placed them at window sills to guide those who are lost. The light of the candle signified the coming of the New Year and the guidance of our Lord. It wasn’t until the time of Martin Luther that Christmas trees were also lighted. He happened to see the radiance of the stars through evergreen boughs and was struck with its beauty. He wanted to recreate the effect for his wife and children so he decorated his Christmas tree with candles that year. His creation sparked new interest and traditions.

The new light

Martin Luther’s unique innovation sparked a new interest in the Victorian Era. People started using candles as decorations in unique ways. Due to fire hazards and the people’s interest in beauty new ways were developed to create better decorations. At first they used candles then glass containers and other designs were made to contain the fire and create better results. Then years after the first Christmas tree was lighted, an associate and friend of Thomas Edison, Edward Johnson presented the first ever electronically lighted tree. It sparked a new interest in the community and was marketed as a safer way to light up the Christmas tree. But, it was still too expensive for most families so it took a while before it was manufactured in large quantities.

A new type of light

As new discoveries and inventions were made, Christmas time became much more beautiful and bright. Different types of lights were created mainly for this special holiday season and became the best and most common decoration for Christmas. New conceptions like mini lights, round shaped bulbs, tubular lights, colourful lights, dancing lights were created so almost everything has a certain type of light during Christmas! Through the years, the light of the humble little candle has indeed gone a long way.

Keep it safe

One reason that prompted the notion of electronic Christmas lights was the danger that the candle’s open flame posed. Many homes were burnt in the olden time due to unattended candles on the trees and window sills. Amidst all the fun and festivities people must always remember to keep their families and homes safe. Even with the much safer electronic light that we have, we must still remember to check everything. This season was meant for fellowship and good tidings, so we must not create opportunities that will lead to anything other than that.

Christmas will always be the most warm and brilliant season even with its cold winter wind and snow. Our lighted trees, the warm glow at the dinner table and the guiding light of the lone candle at our window sills, are more than enough to keep our hearts burning.

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