How to purchase a Nintendo Gameboy

To purchase a Nintendo Gameboy has become quite bewildering these days due to the enormous choice available to consumers.

Not only has the original company come out with thousands of new games, there are innumerable versions, legal franchisees, illegal copiers and countless new additions every day. Many issues need to be taken into account before buying a Nintendo Gameboy. These issues can relate to the graphic and increasingly realistic violence in some games. Here are some helpful hints to make the right choice when buying a Gameboy.

A few suggestions

  1. First and foremost, do a little research. The world’s most popular video game system’s fame can be partly attributed to its sales, a well documented design, and a short development cycle. If you have never bought a Gameboy before, buy a magazine or search on the internet for the game that you think would appeal to you.
  2. Remember most game consoles become obsolete as newer systems become available. Game Boy is celebrating its 17th anniversary this year (2006) and, since its inception in 1989, has given life to thousands of new versions of the original games. If possible, buy the newest version.
  3. Once you have selected a game you are interested in, if you are at a store ask the assistant to play the game or demonstrate it to you. A Gameboy Color costs $70 while most games cost around $15 to $30.
  4. Keep in mind that a Nintendo Gameboy has certain special features. Most recent update to the 8 bit range of Game Boy has a double the processor speed, 8-kb memory and RAM, 56-color display capability from a palette of 32,00, 4-channel stereo sound, and built-in infrared communication.


  • Along with the Gameboy you could also get other accessories provided by the company, like a Gameboy printer and camera.


  • Do not buy a Gameboy that has been pirated, and from a company that has not been registered.

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