Christmas elvesElves are mythical creatures of Norse mythology which have survived in northern European folklore. Elves include all kinds of fairies, especially tiny humans that are somewhat young and mischievous. Formerly belonging to a line of minor gods of nature and fertility, elves are frequently pictured as young-looking men and women of great beauty living in forests and other natural places, underground, or in wells and springs. Some elves live on the North Pole, where they are known for making toys for Santa Claus in his toy workshop. Elves are every so often shown as being good, but are frequently depicted as causing trouble for us humans. They have been portrayed to be long-lived or immortal and they have even had magical powers attributed to them. According to Tolkien, Elves have far clearer sight and perception than men and they are naturally aware of many things that are hidden from ‘Younger Children’ or men.

Elves types and kinds

According to the Old Norse mythology, elves are huge magical beings divided into two big categories The Ljsalfar, or Light elves; and The Dopkalfar, or Darkness Elves. Light elves have an ethereal beauty and have some of the best disposition found among elves. They are translucent and blue colored. Some light elves even have the capability to move over fire or inside wood and stone. These are called Ellefolk and can tell the future as well as sing and compose captivating and enthralling music.

Darkness elves build their homes beneath the earth and are commonly found in houses where they prefer dark corners, coming out only at night. They may be of grey, brown, red or black colors. If a house has locks with no keys or small cracks in the wood, these Darkness elves are likely to come in through these.

Gloom elves are the most commonly found. They may be found in trees, plants, brooks or ponds. They are quite cautious and go to great lengths to protect themselves from the interference of strangers.

In different cultures

Some common elves are:

  • Scandinavian elves
  • German elves
  • English elves
  • Modern elves

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